OBZ is a tightly-knit family of ideas people who strive to do the best for our clients, most of whom we have worked with for over ten years. We build partnerships with our clients and encourage close and open discussion.

At OBZ, unlike many traditional agencies, you deal only with senior members of the team. (In fact, we don’t have any juniors.) The people you meet in the first meeting will be the people who will work on your business. We can’t stress this enough.

Dalene van Ass

Obz is headed up by Dalene van Ass, who founded the company in 2001.

Dalene has had an interesting career to say the least, including stints at the SABC in the Radio Drama Production Department, radio and musical writer and Client Service Director on J&J and KFC.

In 1990 she joined Ideas & Company as co-owner with clients such as CNA, MFP, Pentax and various music companies.

She went solo with AdActive in Sandton and attracted clients such as Esteé Lauder, Joshua Doore, Sun International and Parker Pens.

In 1999, Dalene became Managing Director of Azaguys, and soon added  Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge to an impressive portfolio of accounts.

Today, OBZ manages a variety of clients, the most important being Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat and Alfa Romeo in a relationship that has lasted 13 years and is still going strong.



Vernon Baumann

Bilingual Creative Director and Wordsmith.

2 x Pendoring Award winner.







Fanus Bezuidenhout

Creative Director: Art Director/Graphic Designer







Ivan Hart

Creative Director/Art Director/IT Specialist/ Web Developer/ Video Editor







Tanya Viljoen

Senior Client Service & Producer







Belinda Trodd

Senior Client Service & Events







Nicola van Ass

Accounts and CRM







John Batson

Financial Director